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Invite only

Parkle is currently invite only. Please contact if you want to start using Parkle in your building.


Parkle is built on the facebook messenger platform as a chatbot. You need to have a smartphone and a facebook (messenger) account in order to use Parkle.


Once you have been invited, you receive an email with your personal invitation code. Use the url in the mail or just look for Parkle in facebook messenger. You should see the following logo:

Click on it and just say “hi” and our virtual assistent Liv will guide you through the short registration process.

Getting started

Once you have registered there are two main flows.

I want to rent an extra parking

In order to be able to rent a parking, you need to put money on your Parkle account. Just contact Liv using messenger. Choose balance and add money to your account. Currently you can use Bankcontact, Kbc and Belfius.

Once you have money on your account, ask Liv to reserve a parking.  Liv will ask for some details and will then take care of finding a parking spot for you. It is recommended to book your place a couple of hours in advance. If a parking place is found, Liv will send out notifications to renter and landlord and handle payment.

I want to rent out my parking

If a neighbour is looking for a parking, Liv will send you messages on facebook to check whether your parking is available. If your parking place gets selected, Liv will send notifications when rental starts and when rental ends and arranges the payment.