The Parkle platform

A service for city residents

Parkle makes it easier for residents to reserve an extra parking for a couple of hours when friends, family are visiting.

A service for visitors

Visiting friends or family don’t need to use a public parking further away, but can park right in the building.

Enabling economic value

Parkle enables residents to gain economic value by renting out their parking spot while at work, on a holiday, …

Positive effect on city mobility

On a macro scale, Parkle causes less ‘parking seeking’ traffic in the city and it improves the parking capacity of the city without any cost by enabling currently unused capacity.

“With Parkle it’s so much easier to invite friends to visit. I use the Parkle chatbot to make a reservation and let my friends park in the parking below my apartment.” 

About us

Parkle was originally founded in 2017 by Philippe T’Seyen and Chris De Herdt. The goal was to join the different efforts that were going on in smart city innovation. In 2019 we came at a crossroad and Chris left. Parkle became part of ITNERA BV. Later that year Tim Vierbergen joined. Philippe and Tim both have an IT background. For 2020 Parkle will pursue the new vision and hope to roll out Parkle in much more buildings.

Our mission

With Parkle we wan’t to offer a parking sharing platform for city residents and their visitors. At the city level our goal is to contribute to a better mobility and expose the economic value of private parking place sharing.


  • info@parkle.io
  • Maasstraat 114, 3272 Messelbroek
  • PARKLE - ITNERA BV BE 0812.365.201